AppGuard for Online Banking and Wealth Management Customers

Protect Your Customers with AppGuard

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing and critical concern for banks and their customers. Financial institution’s customers suffer daily attacks that could result in loss of data, assets, and most importantly, customer confidence and brand reputation. Online banking users are increasingly exposed to new attacks like spear-phishing, keyloggers, password spraying, Ursnif, and more. Some of the largest financial services institutions are investing millions to protect their customers from cyber theft, ransomware, and other forms of attack. The problem? How can they manage outside assets while ensuring customers a safer online banking experience?

AppGuard’s unique patented dynamic endpoint defense prevents all breaches from occurring by disrupting the earliest and subsequent stages of a cyber attack. AppGuard does not require any user interaction or cause CPU degradation. It simply protects the endpoint irrespective of network connection.

Product bundle to protect your customers:

  • AppGuard Solo Addition – Purchase licenses for self-managed protection agents
  • Co-managed Solution – Work with us to protect your customers. AppGuard helps you reduce costs by planning your team’s time with more predictability, have access to our 24×7 technical support, and rely on our deep experience and fast response with cyber attacks
  • Fully-managed Solution – We take the burden off you and provide a fully managed solution with a dedicated technical support team and 24×7 troubleshooting.

Don’t take our word for it –  see how AppGuard is protecting large financial institution’s customers since 2017.

Protect Your Customers with AppGuard