Senior Security Research Engineer

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

- Maintain continuous awareness of threats, vulnerabilities, and new malware trends

- Dynamic Malware analysis, detailed propagation stages of malware.

- Provide insight into how malware operates, propagates, how malware defeats classical detect & react cycles.

- Contribute technical blogs, in-depth technical presentations for technical audiences.

- Maintain easily demonstratable malware environments (Virtual Machines) with actual malware attacks or with simulated exploit and pen test environments (MetaSploit, Burp, PowerSploit, or other technologies and tools)

Position Requirements

- Bachelor's degree in Information Security, Computer Science, or other engineering field and 3+ years of work experience in a security field with pen testing and reverse engineering.

- Hands on pen testing tools, and pen test development (shell code): MetaSploit, Burp, PowerShell attack frameworks (PowerSploit, empire, etc.)

- Experience with a scripting language such as Ruby, Python.

- In-depth knowledge of basic exploitation techniques

- Experience debugging applications (WinDbg, OllyDbg, gdb)

- Experience with IDA Pro

Desired Skills

- Strong verbal and written communication skills

- Experience as a part of security research team and developing in-depth technical blogs

- Secure coding in C/C++ and source code vulnerability analysis

- In-depth internals knowledge of one or more operating systems (Windows, Linux) desired

- Familiarity with exploit mitigation techniques and MITRE’s ATT&CK Framework

- Experience with kernel-level programming and/or debugging

- IDA Pro scripting (IDC or IDAPython) desired

- Experience reverse engineering complex applications desired

- Experience with fuzzers and fuzzing techniques desired

- Cryptography background desired

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