[H-03a] Trust But Verify

[H-03b] AppGuard monitors behavior and truly prevents zero-day malware.

[H-03c] Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan coined the phrase “Trust But Verify.”  We believe in the same strategy.  AppGuard keep’s an eye on ALL activities on your endpoint – regardless of whether they appear trustworthy.

AppGuard’s patented technology is the only security product in the marketplace that is currently undefeated by any kind of malware. It doesn’t depend on detection methods used by traditional anti-virus software. Instead, it allows your systems to operate normally and prevents endpoint breaches before they can occur. This means your systems will always be protected from both known and more importantly, unknown threats.



[H-04a] Autonomous

[H-04b] No Update Ever Needed

[H-04c] AppGuard disrupts malware attacks at their earliest stages. This ensures breach attempts are halted before a compromise can occur, without the need for detection, scanning, or updates. Our technology does not rely on the need to constantly update lists of known security threats already identified by other sources.

[H-04d] No CPU Degradation

[H-04e] AppGuard carries an extremely light footprint with no processor dependency and minimal system resource requirements. Your endpoint systems will maintain maximum performance while always being protected.  And at 781KB, you won’t even know it’s there.

[H-04f] No user interaction required

[H-04g] Once you install and setup AppGuard, the user is not needed to make any decisions.  AppGuard does it all for you, completely autonomously.


[H-05a] Peerless protection for the Future

[H-05b] Protect IoT Devices

[H-05c] As the world becomes more connected, there becomes more potential for system breaches. AppGuard ensures your IoT endpoint devices are secure from all potential threats, no matter how your device is connected.

[H-05d] Artificial Intelligence

[H-05e] Artificial Intelligence is being utilized at a breakneck pace across virtually every industry. With the advancement of this technology, these industries are becoming increasingly susceptible to cyber threats. AppGuard is engineered to prevent attacks regardless of how advanced these threats become.