Adding AppGuard to whatever AV is on your PC blocks malware that would otherwise be missed or detected too late, without slowing you or the PC down.

Whether you use your PC for work, personal activities, or both,

malware attacks threaten the files that matter to you and the passwords you use to interact with the world. Friends and family might use it also. And, perhaps they know less about the threat and how to avoid it than you do. What they do affects you too.
Some PC users try to mitigate these risks by running two or even more AV tools on the same PC. Sadly, running two or more ‘like’ defenses does little to change matters. Adding something that takes a completely different approach delivers far more value.

Installing AppGuard Solo on your PCs provides that different and improved defense against what your AV misses. It won’t ask you to make any confusing security decisions. And, if you need to, you can easily suspend AppGuard Solo whenever you need to make major changes to your PC. Unlike other tools, AppGuard does not slow your machine down The resource impact of AppGuard Solo is a tiny fraction of that of Defender. Users hardly notice its presence, but malware sure does!

Users can do what they need to do, but malware cannot, which means that you win.

How AppGuard Differs from other Endpoint Protection


Stops without detecting

Instead of blocking malware only if malware is recognized, like your AV, stops attacks by not allowing malware to do what it needs to do in your PC.


Install & Forget

Seldom needs settings adjustments because of malware variations and PC changes (patches, updates, downloads, plug-ins).



Suppresses, contains, and isolates different actions at different parts of hosts to block malware techniques, yet allows legit work.

Stops Malware, Not Users


Two is Better than One

Coexists with your AV, stops what it does not detect, but doesn’t require you to be an anti-malware expert. It just works.


Successful War Record

Countless examples of stopping what AV missed: ransomware, polymorphic, fileless, weaponized dox, banking trojans, phish, etc.


Isolates User Credentials

Stops undetected malware from stealing credentials cached in memory by Windows, preventing devastating actions.


Patchless Prevention

AppGuard does not let YOUR applications be hijacked to harm you due to missing patches, updates, or zero-day exploits.


Not Disruptive

Hundreds of thousands of users have been protected with AppGuard for years


Fewer Endpoint Clean-ups

By stopping attacks earlier or otherwise missed, AppGuard eliminates the mess to be cleaned up afterwards.