Kernel Level Protection With AppGuard

Small,  mid-size, and large global manufacturing companies are the new focus of cyber-attacks.  As other industries like financial institutions have heavily focused on protecting their data (yet look at the recent hack on the Capital One data), manufacturing companies have generally lagged behind, attracting the hackers in your direction.

Hackers want:

  • ransom – and the amounts we are hearing from our clients are very significant
  • your data (they realize the value of the data you have)
  • to disrupt your business to bring you down – or cause havoc with your production costs
  • to steal your IP.

AppGuard, designed by and for the CIA and other 3-letter government agencies, is now being made available to corporations and organizations.  AppGuard shuts down attacks at the kernel level by using AppGuard’s groundbreaking, patented, preventive approach to stop malware and zero-day attacks in their tracks before they can cause any harm, providing better security without the need for detection and response to incidents.

Interested to see AppGuard in action in real-time and to hear what is happening to other manufacturing companies? I’m happy to schedule a demo for you.

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