AppGuard Endpoint Security Deployed at BITPoint Japan

First deployment of AppGuard at cryptocurrency exchange business.

Blue Planet-works Inc. (BPw Group, CEO Hiroshi Nakata) announced today that its innovative AppGuard endpoint security product has been deployed at BITPoint Japan Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Remixpoint Inc. (Representative Director and Chairman & CEO, Genki Oda  headquartered: 3-2-1 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo Stock Exchange 3825) as the first cryptocurrency exchange business.

Today, more than 1 to 2 million malware including variants are said to be discovered daily such as phishing emails and ransomwares .*1 Traditional detection based security products that rely on signature files that store historical malware information are having difficulty detecting these new threats.

In addition, several security incidents of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world are being reported requiring more robust security measures to ensure safe and secure exchanges of cryptocurrency.  Due to these market dynamics, BITPoint Japan Co., Ltd. has been active in working with the Japanese National Police Agency and agreed to the “Joint Action Agreement on Cyber crimes” as a cryptocurrency exchange business enabling faster response to cyber crimes. 

Furthermore, Japanese government’s National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) published the Guidelines to the Standards for the Information Security Measures for the Japanese Government Agencies in July 2018. This guideline advises the effectiveness of cybersecurity products that does not rely on historical signature files to combat the increase in advanced unknown threats. 

Based on these market environments, AppGuard, an innovative endpoint security product from Blue Planet-works, has the track record of robust endpoint protection and complies with the guideline published by NISC.  AppGuard is also being deployed at large infrastructure companies and adoption by enterprises are accelerating.  By deploying AppGuard to the corporate enterprise, BITPoint Japan Co. LTD. will further strengthen its high levels of cybersecurity as the provider of cryptocurrency exchange business infrastructure.


*1 reference: Symantec corporation 2018 Internet security threat report