How to Optimize Your Cybersecurity Stack

With data breaches up 54% and multiple terabytes of records exposed by hackers in recent months, spending on cybersecurity by worried company leaders is also reaching new heights. Your cybersecurity stack might be expanding, but is it up to today’s complex challenges? Learn how various classes of security tools and techniques overlap and find out how a strong foundation can help you optimize your cybersecurity stack while keeping costs under control.

Companies keep adding more tools and people to their cyber programs, yet breaches and cybersecurity spending continue to increase. In this whitepaper, we’ll take a look at:

1. The scale of the cybersecurity challenge and some of the tools commonly deployed to reduce risks.

2. A new approach to cybersecurity to rightsize the stack and use resources more effectively.

3. Impacts at the endpoint, network, data, and IT/Sec-Ops levels and how building the cybersecurity stack on a strong foundation can reduce costs and risk.


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