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AppGuard Solo Will Protect Your Enterprise And Remote Workers.

As you may know,  the COVID-19 is a focus for the next few weeks and even months; businesses are moving to self-quarantine and enterprises to work remotely. Cybercriminals have already started leveraging the fear connected with COVID-19 pandemic as a tool to spread misinformation, steal passwords, data, and harm critical infrastructure.

Employees are struggling with providing security for their remote employees: 

  • Traditional security solutions are typically located in data centers, are costly, and need constant monitoring and triage. 
  • These solutions are not capable of protecting employees working outside the traditional perimeter-based security controls, leaving organization exposed
  • The remote access VPNs used to connect devices with centralized resources bypass most security control. Moreover, all traditional solutions need constant internet access to offer any level of protection

During this time of uncertainty, how can enterprises secure critical infrastructure? WITH APPGUARD SOLO. We are offering free AppGuard Solo licenses for the next 90 days to protect your enterprise from all forms of attacks. 

AppGuard Solo:

  • Blocks Every Variant of Attack Without Signature Requirements
  • Small Footprint Assures No Reduction in System Performance
  • Easy to Install
  • No AppGuard Customer Has Ever Been Breached

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“AppGuard has proven to be an indispensable protection measure for our customer’s ATM fleets. We feel confident in AppGuard’s ability to protect our customer’s ATMs from harmful malware like SUCEFUL, before it has even hit the U.S. market.”

Jon Erpelding
President of NuSource Financial