Defeats Known and Unknown Attacks by Blocking Unacceptable Actions

  • Prevents App Exploits (Missing Patches, 0-Days) and SQL Injections

  • Small Footprint Assures No Reduction in System Performance

  • Prevents Malicious Processes From Altering or Stealing Data

  • Controls Apply to All of an App’s Processes, Eliminating Need for Policy Updates

  • Allows Apps to Keep Running Safely Despite a Malicious Process in the Server

  • Controls Work in Supported Hosts Regardless of Cloud or Hardware

“Server security is an often overlooked element in an organization’s protection profile. However, it is a primary attack target for organized hackers. AppGuard Server addresses this risk with the same superior technology it utilizes to protect endpoints.”

Robert Bigman
Former Chief Information Security Officer
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

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