AppGuard Solo Help

AppGuard Solo Protections

AppGuard Solo contains several types of protection:

  • Zero-day and unknown malware defense – assumes all high target applications contain zero-day malware and guards them to prevent any zero-day exploit.
  • Drive-by Download Protection stops suspicious programs from launching.
  • Application Containment/Guarded Execution ensures protected applications are prevented from performing high-risk activities that might be exploited by malware.
  • MemoryGuard prevents protected programs from writing to, or reading from, other processes’ memory.
  • InstallGuard prevents installation of programs from untrusted vendors.
  • Privacy Mode prevents browsers from reading private folders.
  • Pre-Execution Controls and Run-time Protections continually enforce policies.
  • File-less types of malware which use built-in Windows tools are blocked by AppGuard Solo.
AppGuard Solo System Tray Icon

AppGuard Solo’s User Interface consists of the main user interface, log viewer and tray icon/menu. These interfaces are described in the sections to follow.

The install places an icon on the system tray at the bottom right of the screen. If the icon is not visible, click on the up arrow to Show hidden icons. You can also then click the Customize button to make the AppGuard Solo icon always visible.

Protection Levels and AppGuard Solo User Interface

The AppGuard Solo user interface provides the current status of the AppGuard Solo protection level. AppGuard Solo allows you to change the protection level for installations, updates and other functions as required. The image below is the main AppGuard Solo user interface which describes the basic Protection Levels. Click on the AppGuard Solo icon to open the window.

Protected: All trusted applications are protected. If AppGuard Solo interferes with an application or if you want to access a private folder with an application, you can add protection for the application according to the instructions below while leaving the protection level at the Protected setting. Setting the protection level to Protected introduces minimal risk while providing the most protection.

Allow Installs: Use this level only when installing or updating software. Note that there is a default time of 20 minutes for this level of protection. This period can be changed in the Customize sections described below.

Off: Chose this option to temporarily turn AppGuard Solo protection completely off. Note: There is a default time of 20 minutes for this level of protection.  This period can be changed in the “Customize” sections described below.


AppGuard Solo includes built-in help, accessible from a link on every user screen. Click on the link to bring up a comprehensive help program, including FAQs.

If you need further assistance, contact Please include the following information in your email:

  • Version of AppGuard Solo, found by right-clicking on the tray icon and selecting the “About” option.
  • Explanation of your problem and any troubleshooting steps you may have tried.