AppGuard stops the malware that AV, EDR & XDR miss

Malware makes headlines because it evades AV, EDR, XDR and other pattern matching technologies.

Adding AppGuard to your security stack, ends the ineffectiveness of accruing evermore malware detection tools that still fail to stop the latest malware attacks. AppGuard protects you, not by doing more of the same a little differently, but by taking a completely different approach, blocking malware techniques instead of relying on detection or AI or ML to make an educated guess if something is harmful or not. This defeats what others miss entirely or detect much later.

With AppGuard, enterprises get better protection, fewer alerts from detection tools and need less cyber labor; all this without slowing endpoints, and without creating more chaos than value.

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AppGuard is the essential layer in your defenses


Makes existing defenses better

Stops attacks that AV, EDR and XDR miss by not allowing what malware needs to do instead of having to recognize the malware itself.


Reduces cyber chaos and costs

Stops attacks in real-time, before EDR can even generate an alert to be investigated or a mess that needs to be cleaned.


Lightweight and Lite Operations

One-fifth the footprint of Defender; typically runs months without any policy tuning and produces no “detect & react” alerts.


Protection from your Apps

Hackers use your Apps to harm your systems. AppGuard's dynamic containment prevents adversaries from using your applications to do harm when they are unpatched, zero-day exploited, or hijacked by weaponized documents.


Auto-Adapts to Change

Unlike application control and other tools that require constant policy updates, AppGuard auto adapts to application updates and malware technique permutations; even when you are offline.


Stops Malware, Not Users

Users are able to carry on as usual, most don't even know AppGuard is there, except when they try to do something IT/Sec-Ops doesn’t want them to do!

Currently protecting tens of thousands of organizations and millions of endpoints:

“Dramatically reduced the cost of endpoint security measures”

Akihiro Wada

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. General Manager, Information Security and Infrastructure Strategy

“AppGuard has consistently demonstrated the ability to protect our environment when other solutions couldn’t.”

Global CISO

Large Enterprise, Healthcare Industry

"I wish AppGuard had been available as part of my armoury when I was the Commanding Officer of the MOD's Cyber Defence Unit"

David Woodfine

MD, Cyber Security Associates & former Commanding Officer of the MOD’s Cyber Defence Unit

"AppGuard should be your first and main line of defense in an increasingly dangerous cyber and human threat environment"

Mark Kelton

CIA Former Deputy Director for Counter-Intelligence

“With AppGuard we’ve had no incidents, and now have peace of mind knowing that our critical infrastructure is secure. AppGuard is a cost-efficient and effective solution.”

Director of IT

Global Law Firm

“AppGuard should be on every Windows system in the world”

Bob Bigman


Headlined Malware & Techniques Stopped by AppGuard

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