Prevention Without Detection

Securing Your Assets by Enforcing the Integrity of Operating System Design

Continuous OS Based Policy Enforcement

  • Location Based

  • Operating System Interactions

  • Process Execution Flow

  • No need for whitelisting
  • Reduces operation overhead
  • Reduces patch management burden

“AppGuard should be your first and main line of defense in an increasingly dangerous cyber and human threat environment.”

Mark Kelton
Former Deputy Director for Counterintelligence, CIA

Zero Trust Controls

AppGuard’s patented controls block malware from causing harm. There’s no need for detection data or staff response because AppGuard shuts down malware before it detonates.

No Dependency on Patches

Apps need frequent patches as new malware threats emerge to trigger malicious actions. AppGuard blocks those actions and adapts, serving as a lifetime patch against even sophisticated attacks.

Near “Set & Forget” Operation

AppGuard agents can run for months or even years without policy updates. There are no alerts for staff to prioritize and respond to because attacks are blocked in real time — before they cause harm.

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