AppGuard for SMBs

AppGuard stops malware attacks that your in-house and/or outsourced endpoint protections (AV, EDR, XDR, etc.) miss or detect too late

You see malware and data breaches mentioned in trade publications almost daily.

Defenses based solely on detection technologies fail to stop new or modified malware until after new detection data updates the tools protecting you.

It is often thought that smaller businesses are at less risk than large enterprises of a cyber attack. Unfortunately that is not the case!

What’s more, statistics show that smaller businesses are less likely to recover from a successful attack, so its even more important that they are properly protected with advanced cyber technology like AppGuard.

Larger organizations can afford to add ever more layers of protection and teams of skilled personnel to mitigate cyber risks. But for smaller businesses, any cyber investments must reduce risk without creating chaos that distracts from your business. That’s where AppGuard fits in.

Adding AppGuard can block what AV, EDR, or XDR miss because its approach is entirely different.

AppGuard stops attacks by blocking those actions malware must do to succeed, instead of trying to recognize the malware itself, as AV, EDR, XDR do.

This entirely different technology provides the essential cyber security layer every company needs to defeat the growing number of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

How adding AppGuard benefits SMBs


Defeats Advanced Malware Attacks

SMBs are hit with malware as advanced as what hits large enterprises. AV/EDR often need days or weeks to catch up. Adding AppGuard defeats malware when it strikes.


Affordable Protection

Most SMBs lack the skills and resources to field a full cyber stack. Adding AppGuard shrinks the problems that complex cyber stacks treat, and cyber costs too.


Focus on what You do Best

Most of our SMB clients choose to deploy AppGuard using a specialist managed security service provider (MSSP) so they don’t have to be cyber warriors themselves.

“Four Years Malware-Free! No Bloat, No Burden, No Disruptions. It’s Simple to Roll-out & Easy to Forget!”

VP, Finance Industry, IT Services

How AppGuard Differs from other Endpoint Protection


Stops without Detecting

Stops attacks by not allowing malware to do what it must instead of trying to tell bad from good among nearly infinite patterns as with AV, EDR, and XDR.


Auto-Adapts to Change

Unlike application control, runs for months unchanged because patches, updates, downloads, and malware variations seldom require it.


Containment and Isolation

Suppresses, contains, and isolates different actions at different parts of hosts to block malware techniques, yet allows legit work.

Ways AppGuard Protection Reduces Cyber Chaos


Fewer malware incidents

Not none, but fewer, and more than enough to matter. Adding an ‘unlike’ risk mitigator is more impactful than adding ‘like’ ones.


Successful War Record

While not perfect, most major headlined malware was defeated since 2020. Imagine if this one layer were in your cyber stack since then.


Isolates User Credentials

Only ‘allowed’ processes (ie not malware) may touch credential caches by OS, web browsers, password managers, and more.


Makes MDR

Stopping undetected malware earlier or missed entirely reduces EDR alerts and false positives that divert analysts attention from critical analyses.



Missing patches or zero-day exploits hijack YOUR applications to do YOU harm, but kernel-level containment does not let them.


Keeps Servers Running

Instead of quarantining or terminating servers, isolation does not allow unauthorized processes to touch critical folders/objects.


Get More
from Less

Most cyber incidents begin at endpoints. Stopping more attacks there helps make up for those unaffordable cyber stack layers.


MSSP Friendly & Helpful

MSSPs employ expertise in malware techniques and endpoints that enable them to make AppGuard protection even better.


Makes Cyber Stack Better

Stopping attacks earlier or otherwise missed, reduces work and distractions at other cyber stack layers, better focus, less cost.

Using an expert MSSP frees you to focus on your business

You can choose to deploy AppGuard using your own MSSP or alternatively you can use one of our expert-trained and accredited MSSPs. If you’d like to run AppGuard in-house, speak to your reseller about our training programs.

How AppGuard Defeats Malware Without “Detecting” it

Most tools intending to stop malware attacks can only do so if and when the malware is recognized. AppGuard defeats malware by instead blocking those actions malware must do to achieve its goals. This is accomplished by combining three kernel-level enforced controls: launch, containment, and isolation. More can be read about this lightweight, easy to operate approach here.