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AppGuard’s zero-trust approach is revolutionary because it offers superior endpoint protection compared to traditional solutions. Adaptive Policy Enforcement (APE) blocks malware before it can detonate and cause any harm. AppGuard simply prevents every type of attack and eliminates the need to devote the ever-increasing amount of resources required by competitors’ “detect and respond” strategies.

Superior Protection, Zero Breaches and Lower Costs

AppGuard’s zero-trust endpoint solution is based on patented technologies that simplify operations with a preventive approach. By utilizing zero trust space policy and isolation and inheritance policy, AppGuard blocks applications from performing suspicious processes while allowing them to continue performing normal actions. AppGuard agents run smoothly for months or years without policy updates — regardless of app updates, patches, and other changes.

Zero Trust Controls

Adaptive containment, isolation, and other controls block malware’s intended actions. Malware recognition is unnecessary, which is where alternatives fail.

No Dependency on Patches

Blocks harmful actions from any risky applications. AppGuard auto-adapts to app changes, making it a lifetime protection against exploit (zero days too), SQL injection, and other attacks.

Set & Forget

Agents run months to years without policy updates. There are no alerts for Sec-Ops personnel to triage/respond. Attacks are blocked in real-time before remediation needed.

No Performance Impact

AppGuard is 10-200 times lighter than alternatives in terms of computing power usage, making it ultra-lightweight protection that performs better than resource-consuming alternatives.

App Protection & Resilience

AppGuard’s patented controls protect critical apps and their resources from the rest of the endpoint, enabling safe operation by containing malicious processes

Blocks Advanced Attacks

AppGuard blocks the most advanced attacks, shutting down malware, ransomware, app exploits, remote executions, and other sophisticated attacks by stopping malicious processes before they start.

"AppGuard should be on every windows system in the world."

Robert Bigman
Former CISO, CIA

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The attack landscape has changed, traditional antivirus type solutions alone no longer offer adequate protection. AppGuard empowers customers with a powerful cybersecurity solution by delivering comprehensive prevention, detection capabilities at endpoint to prevent zero-day attacks.

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