AppGuard Solo

For firms with up to 20 users, AppGuard Solo enhances AV to provide cost effective protection that only those with big IT budgets could afford

Adding AppGuard Solo boosts cybersecurity by blocking malware that your AV misses entirely or detects too late.

You see malware and data breach horror stories headlined in trade publications almost daily. Collectively, they tell you that defenses based solely on malware detection technologies are not enough, such as AV, machine learning enhanced AV, and EDR. Organizations with fewer than around twenty employees working out of small and/or home offices cannot afford a stack of cyber layers and experts to mitigate risks from undetected malware.

Of all your cyber risks that you can mitigate, your laptops and desktops are where you can make the most impact.

The security software protecting them succeeds only if and when it recognizes malware. And it is clear from headlines that attackers are winning. What can you do? You might add another layer of malware detection. Or, you might add a new, patented, and different technology that succeeds by stopping what malware needs to do instead of trying to recognize the malware itself.

How adding AppGuard Solo benefits Small & Home Offices (SoHo)


Affordable Protection

Advanced malware detection tools and services require large skilled staffs and budgets. Adding AppGuard Solo does not, and it protects PCs from attacks expensive defenses miss or detect too late.


Enhances Existing Defenses

It's difficult to judge what AV is best. By adding AppGuard Solo, you don't have to do so. It makes any AV better with its entirely different approach to defeating malware.


Simple, Silent, and Effective

AppGuard Solo is easily installed, does not slow PCs, and it quietly blocks malware while employees do their work. Employees do not have to be IT technicians or cyber experts.

“AppGuard is so unobtrusive, the end-users forget it is there.”

Infrastructure Manager, Small Consulting Firm

How AppGuard Solo Differs from other Endpoint Protection


Stops without Detecting

Stops attacks by not allowing malware to do what it must instead of trying to tell bad from good among nearly infinite possibilities.


and Forget

Seldom needs adjustments because of malware variations and PC changes (patches, updates, downloads, plug-ins).


Containment and Isolation

Suppresses, contains, and isolates different actions at different parts of hosts to block malware techniques, yet allows legit work.

Stops Malware, Not Users


Fewer malware incidents

Adding more malware detection layers yields diminishing returns. Adding something completely different, such as AppGuard Solo, has greater impact.


Successful War Record

Countless examples of stopping what AV missed: ransomware, polymorphic, fileless, weaponized dox, banking trojans, phish, etc.


Isolates User Credentials

Stops malware not detected by AV/EDR from stealing credentials cached in memory by Windows so it can perform devastating actions.


Universal Application Patch

Missing patches or zero-day exploits hijack YOUR applications to do YOU harm, but kernel-level containment does not let them.



One ISP with over 100,000 users has averaged fewer than a dozen help desk tickets per year for over five years.


PC Clean-ups

Stopping attacks earlier or otherwise missed, eliminates or reduces the mess to be cleaned up after malware attacks.

Install AppGuard Solo on user PCs.

Our default policies block advanced malware attacks that are designed to evade AV/EDR detection. AppGuard Solo never asks users to make security decisions. Users can suspend it if they need to, or adjust it to fit their needs even better.

AppGuard Solo is a perfect enhancement to your AV to provide cost effective, advanced cyber security normally only available to companies with big IT departments and big budgets.

Some employers get AppGuard Solo for employee home PCs too.


How AppGuard Defeats Malware Without “Detecting” it

Most tools intending to stop malware attacks can only do so if and when the malware is recognized. AppGuard defeats malware by instead blocking those actions malware must do to achieve its goals. This is accomplished by combining three kernel-level enforced controls: launch, containment, and isolation. More can be read about this lightweight, easy to operate approach here.