About AppGuard

We make people more secure by making endpoint protection from advanced malware attacks more effective. Adding AppGuard software to endpoints blocks what AV, EDR, XDR, and other malware detection defenses miss entirely or detect too late.

AppGuard is a cybersecurity company on a mission to fill an urgent need for better protection from malware attacks.

The cyber landscape leaves every organization and individual vulnerable because antivirus (AV), endpoint detection and response (EDR), extended detection and response (XDR), and other malware detection systems are unable to cope with the latest threats. Even with the latest advancements in machine learning (ML), these tools are always catching up to the adversaries. The evidence is all around you. Malware names and attacks are featured in trade publications almost daily. There would be no headlines if most detection-based anti-malware tools were succeeding. Days, weeks, and sometimes months later, their pattern-matching detection databases and algorithms are updated. Until then, everyone is vulnerable.

AppGuard’s mission is to provide everyone with an additional layer of protection that takes a completely different approach. Instead of developing yet another means to try to tell bad from good, AppGuard focuses on what all malware attacks have in common: hundreds of malware techniques. AppGuard does not allow malware to do what it must without having to literally recognize the malware. Adding AppGuard stops what your other defenses miss entirely or detect too late. The outcome is: fewer malware incidents; less cyber noise and chaos; and lighter cyber operations.

AppGuard Inc. is a subsidiary of Blue Planet-works Inc.

Executive Team

Janne Kobayashi

Chief Executive Officer, AppGuard Inc and Chairman/CEO of Blue Planet-works

Janne Kobayashi serves as CEO of AppGuard Inc. and Chairman/CEO of Blue Planet-works Inc. Prior to joining AppGuard in April 2020, Janne was running a strategy and management advisory business for blue chip companies.

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Naomichi Haraguchi

President, Blue Planet-works

Naomichi Haraguchi is President at Blue Planet-works, AppGuard’s parent company. After joining Long-Term Credit Bank, Ltd. (currently Shisei Bank) in 1980, Haraguchi returned from New York University Business School in 1986.

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Fatih Comlekoglu, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Prior to the Blue Planet-works,Inc. acquisition of the AppGuard product line, Dr. Comlekoglu served as the Chief Software Architect of Blue Ridge Networks, Inc., where he invented the core technology of AppGuard.

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