Reinvent endpoint cybersecurity with AppGuard, a subsidiary of Blue Planet-works Inc.

Companies worldwide struggle with daily security breaches, costing them billions of dollars. It’s become all too obvious that the familiar names in cybersecurity can no longer be trusted. Traditional Antivirus, or any type of “machine learning” or “A/I learning” are fatally flawed, based on practices that never worked.

AppGuard is the only security product in the marketplace that is currently undefeated. Protecting the operating system through kernel level policy enforcement AppGuard’s patented technology works for both large and small corporate businesses as well as individual consumers.


Award-winning laptop, desktop, and server protection for enterprises. AppGuard prevents breaches by blocking applications from performing inappropriate processes, but allows them to continue performing normal actions, using our patented dynamic isolation and inheritance technologies. By applying zero trust principles WITHIN endpoints, AppGuard delivers the most advanced protection and lowers cyber operation costs.

Prevent All Known And Unknown Attacks

AppGuard’s adaptive policy enforcement (APE) prevents viruses, fileless malware, botnets, polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, targeted attacks, in-memory attacks, ransomware, phishing, watering-holes, drive-by-downloads, and other advanced threats. AppGuard doesn’t rely on scanning known signatures or patterns to identify good from bad files. AppGuard’s lightweight agent sits low at the kernel level and blocks unacceptable actions like code injection or registry override at the process level.

Executive Team

Janne Kobayashi

Chief Executive Officer, AppGuard Inc and Chairman/CEO of Blue Planet-works

Janne Kobayashi serves as CEO of AppGuard Inc. and Chairman/CEO of Blue Planet-works Inc. Prior to joining AppGuard in April 2020, Janne was running a strategy and management advisory business for blue chip companies.

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Naomichi Haraguchi

President, Blue Planet-works

Naomichi Haraguchi is President at Blue Planet-works, AppGuard’s parent company. After joining Long-Term Credit Bank, Ltd. (currently Shisei Bank) in 1980, Haraguchi returned from New York University Business School in 1986.

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Fatih Comlekoglu, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Prior to the Blue Planet-works,Inc. acquisition of the AppGuard product line, Dr. Comlekoglu served as the Chief Software Architect of Blue Ridge Networks, Inc., where he invented the core technology of AppGuard.

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Kristen McFadden Gandhi

Chief Product Officer

Kristen has been at the forefront of emerging technology throughout her 25 year career. Prior to joining AppGuard, she was CEO and founder of Claritly, helping mission-driven startups leverage AI, machine learning, and RPA to scale.

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Genshu “James” Mitsuyama

Chief Financial Officer

Genshu ”James" Mitsuyama is the CFO of Blue Planet-works and AppGuard, Inc. Prior to joining AppGuard, Inc. in January 2021, he was the head of US Business Development at another venture company.

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Carlin Wong

Senior Vice President of Engineering

Carlin joined AppGuard, Inc. at the beginning of 2021 after nearly two decades in the cybersecurity industry and currently serves as Senior Vice President, Engineering.

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