Senior Test Engineer-Linux

Job Description:

Job responsibilities include:

•                Define and implement test strategy to support software product development.

•                Partner with engineering staff to define and implement test cases.

•                Use product functional and architectural knowledge to implement optimal test process.

•                Responsible for refining process and strategy to detect failures early in the development cycle.

•                Task test technicians.

•                Report detailed defect reports.

•                Contribute to continual maturing of test infrastructure.

Position Requirement:

•                B.S. in Electrical/Computer Engineering or Computer Science

•                Five years’ experience with network and software security related testing.

•                Five years’ experience with the cyber security industry.

•                Linux product experience to include: installation, maintenance and configuration.

•                Experience with VMWare

•                Scripting knowledge (Bash or Python).

•                Experience in varied testing environments (e.g. functional, stress and performance testing).

•                Experience with automated testing tools.

Desired Skills:

•                Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

•                Detail-oriented with respect to documentation and communication.

•                Microsoft product experience to include: installation, maintenance and configuration.

•                Experience with Jira and BitBucket.

Linux Software Development Engineer

Job Description:

Job responsibilities include:

•                Develop and maintain Linux services, packages and libraries.

•                Develop interfaces with kernel modules, inter-process communication, multithreaded software and synchronization.

•                Work collaboratively with Linux kernel mode developers.

•                If necessary, maintain kernel modules.

•                Create and manage DPKG/RPM packages for the YUM/APT-GET install.

Required Qualifications:

•                Deep knowledge and experience in designing and implementing Linux services and GUI.

•                Experience in deployment and administration of Linux distributions.

•                Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field.

•                5+ years of experience developing system software in C and C++.

•                2+ years of GUI development experience (Java, JavaScript etc.).

•                Proficiency in scripting languages (Bash and Python).

•                Familiarity with Linux security best practices (knowledge of STIG preferred).


Senior Software Engineer -- Windows Software Development (C++)

Job Description:

Designs, develops and maintains AppGuard Inc. cybersecurity products. Works in a team environment and actively participates in evolving software functionality including requirements analysis, software design, development, integration and test. Ability to collaborate with engineering management and staff engineers to develop specifications and software. Work semi-autonomously, defining and meeting long-term project goals without extensive supervision.


·       Expert in C++ programming language.

·       Experience with Visual Studio, C++/MFC, compilers, linkers, and builders.

·       Minimum of 10 years of experience in the design, coding, testing, and support of software systems.

·       Windows system programming, Windows devices, WMI, WinINet, Windows Services, Multi-threading, and COM/DCOM programming.

·       Familiarity with CryptoAPI, XML, Digital Signing.

·       Understanding of Agile system design and development processes.

·       Familiar with Git source control system.

·       Virtualization: Software development and debugging with Virtual Box and or VMWare platforms.

·       Familiarity with Agile Development Methodology and Jira Project Tracking.

·       Experience with secure development practices and coding techniques is a plus.

·       Educational Requirements: BS/MS in Computer Science or an engineering discipline.


Senior Security Research Engineer

Job Description:

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·       Maintain continuous awareness of threats, vulnerabilities, and new malware trends

·       Dynamic Malware analysis, detailed propagation stages of malware.

·       Provide insight into how malware operates, propagates, how malware defeats classical detect & react cycles.

·       Contribute technical blogs, in-depth technical presentations for technical audiences.

·       Maintain easily demonstratable malware environments (Virtual Machines) with actual malware attacks or with simulated exploit and pen test environments (MetaSploit, Burp, PowerSploit, or other technologies and tools)

Position Requirements:

·       Bachelor's degree in Information Security, Computer Science, or other engineering field and 3+ years of work experience in a security field with pen testing and reverse engineering.

·       Hands on pen testing tools, and pen test development (shell code): MetaSploit, Burp, PowerShell attack frameworks (PowerSploit, empire, etc.)

·       Experience with a scripting language such as Ruby, Python.

·       In-depth knowledge of basic exploitation techniques

·       Experience debugging applications (WinDbg, OllyDbg, gdb)

·       Experience with IDA Pro


Desired Skills:

·       Strong verbal and written communication skills

·       Experience as a part of security research team and developing in-depth technical blogs

·       Secure coding in C/C++ and source code vulnerability analysis

·       In-depth internals knowledge of one or more operating systems (Windows, Linux) desired

·       Familiarity with exploit mitigation techniques and MITRE’s ATT&CK Framework

·       Experience with kernel-level programming and/or debugging

·       IDA Pro scripting (IDC or IDAPython) desired

·       Experience reverse engineering complex applications desired

·       Experience with fuzzers and fuzzing techniques desired

·       Cryptography background desired

Senior iOS Developer

Job Description:


·       Play a key role in the development of a new secure mobile phone product

·       Fully utilize existing iOS security features or carrier supported hardware security platforms to propose design and deliver in a timely manner

·       Provide input regarding software design decisions, best practices, and development standards

·       Develop software designs using UML diagrams and lead design review sessions

·       Unit- and integration test functional modules you developed

·       Perform source code reviews and lead code review sessions

·       Troubleshoot problems; attend defect triage meetings; support QA team with technical

·       Produce and review product documentation and training materials

·       Act as a mentor to junior team members and provide technical advice

·       Provide status at daily scrum meetings.

Required Qualifications

·       Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent;

·       Strong communication skills (both verbal & written) and ability to lead or contribute to multiple projects in an agile team environment.

·       Minimum 5 years experience in iOS development

·       Proficiency with XCode and experience developing in Swift and Objective-C

·       Deep knowledge of iOS SDK APIs, Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Animation

·       Experience working with storyboards, nib files and auto-layout

·       Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to back-end services

·       Experience with modern networking libraries like React

·       Experience with iOS Firebase SDK and Firebase modules such as Authentication, Database, Analytics and Storage

·       Experience with Git and Bitbucket and their source code integrations into XCode

·       Strong knowledge of iOS UI design principles, patterns, and best practices

·       Good understanding of iOS security features and how to utilize them; knowledge of security risks regarding iOS operating systems and mobile applications and knowledge of how to mitigate them

·       Experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning

·       Solid understanding on relational database concepts and SQL queries

·       Experience with the iOS app deployment process to the app store.

·       Desired: Understanding of VoIP, SIP protocol and Secure RTP.

·       Desired: Familiarity with encryption technologies, and experience with available crypto libraries.

·       Desired: Knowledge of the open-source iOS ecosystem and the libraries available for common tasks

·       Must be authorized to work in the U.S.


Senior Penetration Tester

Job Description:


·       Works with AppGuard security experts and prepare practical application exploits and VMWare Workstation images and demonstrate such exploits in VMWare Workstation Environment.

·       Prepare the practical application exploits using existing MetaSploit modules (Kali Linux), or modify existing MetaSploit modules when necessary to ensure exploit and variations of the exploit works, the exploit launches post exploit attack and demonstrate AppGuard defeats various post exploit attacks.

·       For live audiences, present series of live attacks, malware exploits, malware and show AppGuard’s capabilities in defending the endpoints, defending the enterprises



·       Good Presentation skills

·       Strong verbal and written communication skills

·       Bachelor's degree in Information Security, Computer Science, or other engineering field and 3+ years of work experience in a security field with pen testing

·       Ability to develop exploits based on vulnerability reports and/or ability to make modifications on existing exploits

·       Ability to quickly develop (or modify existing) weaponized documents (Word or Excel) for demonstrating other signature-based products fail to detect. The new attacks should have customizable polymorphic downloader or creates PowerShell script on the file system to launch and alters registry entries to become persistent in the system.

Desired Skills

·       Hands on (Kali Linux) MetaSploit Expert with exploit development expertise. Familiarity with PowerSploit, and Empire.

·       Ability to modify attacks, exploits, MetaSploit modules quickly to create variations on a theme type of attacks

·       Expert level understanding of the spectrum of exploits and attacks, in-depth familiarty with Metasploit libraries to rapidly construct, when possible, on-the-fly attacks to show AppGuard’s capabilities effectively in a clear, and precise way.

·       Programming and scripting experience

·       Certifications (Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN) GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE)), training on hands on exploit development are plus

Mobile Test Engineer

We are looking for an experienced and motivated Mobile Test Engineer to help build the next generation Secure Mobile Application Platform for Secure and Private VoIP, private messaging, with deep-privacy protection for mobile phones, tablets based on Android. You will be a critical part of this pioneering project. This is a true once in a lifetime opportunity to be a leading force in defining a new generation secure mobile platform.

We are currently looking to hire a contractor on an hourly basis. The candidate should have full time availability.


-         Play a key role in testing mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms

-         Support the testing efforts of web applications

-         Develop test automation scripts using Selenium for both web and Selendroid Selenium for iOS for mobile applications.

-         Execute test cases manually or on cloud-based mobile test labs like SauceLabs or Firebase Test Lab

-         Manage and test build scripts for Jenkins build server and lead the deployment process

-         Work together with team members in a fast-moving Agile environment.

-         Familiar working in Confluence and documenting issues in Jira.

-         Support the development teams in troubleshooting activities.

-         Good understanding of QA best practices.

-         Conduct test review meetings and participate in defect triage meetings

-         Provide daily status updates to the team leads.


Required Qualifications

-         Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field

-         Minimum 4 years of experience as QA Test Engineer

-         Experience in developing test automation scripts using Selenium, Selendroid, Selenium for iOS

-         Experience using cloud-based mobile device test labs such as SauceLabs or Firebase Test Lab

-         Experience in testing mobile application

-         Experience in testing .Net web applications

-         Strong communication and documentation skills.

-         Proactive and attention to details

-         High level of self-motivation and ability to work independently

-         Team player

-         Experience working in an agile/scrum development process.

Note: All offers of employment and contract positions at AppGuard LLC are contingent upon clearing a thorough background check.


Qualified candidates should send resume and cover letter to