AppGuard stops new viruses, botnets, fileless malware, weaponized documents, zero-day malware, phishing, ransomware, and many other forms of cybersecurity threats that are undetectable by other protection approaches.

This unique multi-layer breach prevention platform disrupts malware at the earliest stages of an attack, preventing compromise of critical systems without requiring detection of the attack or burdensome scanning. It generates highly granular per process Indicators of Attack (IOA) data, providing earlier Threat Intelligence without a compromise occurring.

It delivers this award-winning breach prevention for your Windows computers, laptops, tablets, ATMs, POS appliances, and other critical enterprise systems. 

AppGuard Enterprise is compatible with all current Windows versions, is easy to deploy with scale, does not require constant updates, and is not disruptive to users and productivity.

Its management system implements and controls enterprise policies that work “on” and “off” enterprise without on-going management system dependencies for endpoint protection and reporting.


Prevents Breaches from Undetectable Attacks

AppGuard Enterprise dynamically controls process behavior to disrupt malware attacks at their initial attack stages, preventing compromises of critical systems and application processes that can lead to a breach.

Endpoints are constantly under attack from fileless malware, weaponized documents, zero-day malware, polymorphic malware, phishing, “malvertising”, watering-holes, drive-by-downloads, ransomware, system memory attacks, and other forms of sophisticated attacks.  AppGuard stops these attacks before they can “detonate” without requiring detection or scanning.

Prevents Company and Customer Data Loss

Data loss can materially damage your company’s reputation, cause the loss of customers, and adversely impact enterprise value.  Post breach remediation costs and rapidly escalating legal liability exposures can be even more costly to the enterprise, its stakeholders, and its employees.

AppGuard Enterprise prevents data loss by preventing endpoint compromises from occurring due to undetectable, persistent malware. 

AppGuard stops breaches before they happen.

IoA – Attack Threat Intelligence Without a Compromise

When AppGuard stops a malware attack, it collects highly granular, per-process Indicator of Attack (IoA) data that can identify new malware and attack behaviors long before any Indicator of Compromise (IOC) is discovered.  This provides valuable early-warning data for enhanced Threat Intelligence without the exposure of a compromise occurring.

AppGuard Enterprise delivers this valuable data in log reports compatible with popular collection protocols, for easy integration with other enterprise software management systems and tools.


Easy to Deploy, Use, and Manage – Productivity Improved

AppGuard Enterprise is not disruptive to users and is easy to deploy and manage. Endpoint agents have a low footprint, use minimal system resources, and operate without disturbing legitimate user operations.

Enterprise policies can be easily distributed by standard enterprise software management tools (e.g., SCCM) and managed in the Cloud.  AppGuard protection doesn’t rely on attack detection, identification, signatures, scanning, or management system dependency, so your network isn’t flooded with constant updates and user endpoint performance isn’t impacted.

Scalable, Resilient, Sustainable Endpoint Breach Prevention

AppGuard Enterprise is highly scalable to support an unlimited number of endpoints.  It can be deployed in the Cloud as a managed service from AppGuard, LLC. with or without customer co-management - or in the enterprise under license with on-going AppGuard, LLC. support.

It supports enterprise policy administration and control for a wide range of popular applications and can be easily configured to support custom enterprise applications.  AppGuard Enterprise administration efficiencies minimize on-going resource requirements, and endpoint protection is not dependent on management system connectivity.

Enterprise Policies, Log Collection, and Reports

AppGuard Enterprise places AppGuard endpoint software agents under the administration and control of the enterprise to deploy and manage customized enterprise policies. 

Endpoints log valuable IOA data and report to the management system through a separate management plane any time the endpoint touches the Internet.  This removes enterprise dependency for maintaining endpoint protection and delivers situational awareness “on” on “off” enterprise for enhanced early-warning Threat Intelligence and compliance.

“Today's detection based security technologies do not fully protect the connected world. I strongly felt that a new paradigm in cyber security technology was needed to combat these growing threats. AppGuard has a completely new method for delivering threat protection and breach prevention. I'm a true believer, and that's why I've joined the AppGuard team. ”

Hiro Higuma
Former President of Symantec Japan
Current Chief Strategy Officer, AppGuard



AppGuard is compatible with all recent generations and versions of Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10) on various hardware platforms (desktops, laptops, tablets, Surface Pro, embedded systems, ATM’s, Point-of-Sale devices, etc.) with no processor dependency and minimal system resource requirements.

It protects popular applications (Microsoft Office, Office 365, PDF readers, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) platforms, and can be tailored to operate with specific applications as required.


  • Microsoft Windows XP, SP2 and above (32 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows VISTA, SP1 and above
  • Microsoft Windows 7, SP0 and above
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 10


  • Minimum 1.80 GHz 1.00 GB of RAM
  • 10 MB Hard Disk free space

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