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AppGuard’s breakthrough preventive approach lowers costs and frees personnel to focus on more strategic tasks by eliminating the need to detect and address threats. By shutting down malware and even zero-day attacks at the endpoint, AppGuard delivers the most advanced protection in the industry with less resource usage.

Superior Security with No Need for Detection and Response

AppGuard’s patented technologies enable endpoint agents to run smoothly for months or even years without policy updates, regardless of app changes. That means personnel can focus on mission-critical tasks instead of tracking and addressing threats.

Zero Trust Controls

Adaptive containment, isolation, and other controls block malware’s intended actions. Malware recognition is unnecessary, which is where alternatives fail.

No Dependency on Patches

Blocks harmful actions from any risky applications. AppGuard auto-adapts to app changes, making it a lifetime protection against exploit (zero days too), SQL injection, and other attacks.

Set & Forget

Agents run months to years without policy updates. There are no alerts for Sec-Ops personnel to triage/respond. Attacks are blocked in real-time before remediation needed.

No Performance Impact

AppGuard is 10-200 times lighter than alternatives in terms of computing power usage, making it ultra-lightweight protection that performs better than resource-consuming alternatives.

App Protection & Resilience

AppGuard’s patented controls protect critical apps and their resources from the rest of the endpoint, enabling safe operation by containing malicious processes.

Blocks Advanced Attacks

AppGuard blocks the most advanced attacks, shutting down malware, ransomware, app exploits, remote executions, and other sophisticated attacks by stopping malicious processes before they start.

"AppGuard is the technology I trust to keep my machines safe and my communications private"

Congressman Mike Rogers (Ret.)
Former Chair of House Intelligence Committee

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Defend Government Assets from Sophisticated Attacks with AppGuard’s Pre-Detection Endpoint Protection

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Recent high-profile and widespread cyberattacks on local, federal, and national government entities have disrupted people, economies, and critical national infrastructure across the globe. These attacks are often reminders that reactive technologies that detect the presence of malware and then attempt to remedy the harm are no match for today’s sophisticated attacks. Antivirus and other detection-based methods fail because they attempt to monitor and parse almost infinite volumes of detection and indicator of attack data, requiring more tools, more personnel, and more skills. AppGuard is different.

Intro to AppGuard

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The point of applying zero trust within the endpoint is to reap better protection for less effort. Familiar names in cyber security are ineffective and labor intensive because they monitor and investigate vast, diverse volumes of detection and indicator data from multiple perspectives at multiple stages of malware attacks; before and after compromise. They are parsing infinite possibilities, requiring more tools, more personnel, and more skills every year. Those who think machine learning will help them scale are finding that the single most pervasive characteristic in enterprise IT — CHANGE — is also machine learning’s greatest adversary.

How Can You Achieve Zero Trust Endpoint Protection?

How Enterprises Are Developing Secure Applications

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Today’s enterprises are writing, buying, and deploying more web applications than at any point in the history of computing. With the rapid growth of cloud services and mobile technology, applications are available everywhere — sometimes outside of the traditional IT infrastructure. This evolution has taken place so rapidly that many IT organizations are having trouble keeping up. This often leads to “out-of-sync” security, technology, and application development groups — and ultimately increases the risk to the organization.

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