AppGuard Launches Zero Trust Incident Response Initiative for Endpoints to Address Similar Threats to the SolarWinds Breach Mitigation

NEW YORKJan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It has been reported that the highly sophisticated breach of SolarWinds and the cyberattack that was spread through its Orion platform has impacted an estimated 18,000 customers and went undetected for months.

“We must come together to defend against an attack of this magnitude” says Brody Ehrlich, AppGuard Chief Operating Officer. “The damage done to governmental agencies and enterprises is not fully recoverable and this type of threat is repeatable for the next group to emulate, whether it uses SolarWinds or another widely used application. AppGuard’s software is uniquely positioned to assist cyber defense solutions providers because we can implement specific protections designed to mitigate threats of this type, even in cases where it goes undetected for a period of time.”

AppGuard is pleased to announce a rapid response offering developed to be deployed by our trusted partners and incident response teams, to assist in mitigating this threat and others like it. We expect that governmental agencies, healthcare providers, and enterprises within the government supply chains are at highest risk and will bear the brunt of future attacks of this nature.

“Traditional cyber technologies and solutions such as EDRs, Next Generation AV (NGAV), White Listing/Application controls could neither identify nor contain the compromise. This is common of tools that seek to diagnose the threat instead of defending the risk points. AppGuard’s zero-trust defense prevents and contains compromises to systems and infrastructure,” adds Fatih Comlekoglu, the Chief Technology Officer and inventor of the AppGuard technology.

“This SolarWinds exploit and breach shows us why having a Zero Trust solution in place to protect your endpoints and servers is more critical than ever before. AppGuard’s patented controls give organizations a way to adopt zero trust policies faster than any other solution” said Kristen McFadden Gandhi, Global SVP of Product at AppGuard. “With AppGuard’s autonomous policy engine in place, customers can make use of SolarWinds functions while protecting themselves from the dangerous processes spawned by the malicious code. We already have some customers doing so now.”

AppGuard, a Blue Planet-works company, provides award-winning server and endpoint cybersecurity protection for enterprises and government agencies as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Spawned from collaboration with intelligence agency use cases, AppGuard’s patented technology applies process and application level activity policies which automatically adapt based on threat context. This allows it to prevent a breach without having to recognize or identify malware.

AppGuard, Inc.
Sarah Wolf
Marketing & Public Relations