AppGuard’s Kristen McFadden Gandhi in “Top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity of 2022” by “The Software Report”

Chantilly, Virginia –  AppGuard, Inc. is thrilled to announce that its Chief Product Officer, Kristen McFadden Gandhi, has been named one of the “Top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity of 2022” by “The Software Report”. AppGuard is a trusted provider of anti-malware software based on applying zero trust principles within endpoints to block malware that detection technology misses entirely or after compromise.

Making the list is a recognition of relentless and thoughtful application of the awardees’ knowledge and experience to harness teams of professionals that solve challenging cybersecurity problems. The winners work at either cybersecurity companies or in cybersecurity roles at organizations in other industries. 

AppGuard is also proud to note that forty percent of its employees are women. Their roles are in product management, engineering, malware research, customer support, and channel management. The global industry average for women in the cybersecurity workforce is twenty five percent, according to the 2021 Cybersecurity Workforce Study by (ISC)2

Kristen’s role as Chief Product Officer is not easy. AppGuard is unlike most endpoint protection software products. It takes a very different approach to mitigating risks from malware attacks. Most combine multiple detection technologies and strive to solve a broad spectrum of endpoint security issues. This shapes the market’s expectations. Kristen must not only guide further development of how AppGuard defeats malware but also adjust market expectations for what many do not realize they need. Detection technologies must make distinctions between good and bad among nearly infinite shapes and behaviors. There will always be detection gaps. Another essential layer that does not need to recognize malware to defeat it is needed.

“Making a meaningful impact in cybersecurity requires people that are both analytical and creative. We are grateful to have Kristen with us, making our vision for a safer computing world a reality”, said AppGuard’s CEO, Yanne Kobayashi. “Please join me and congratulate her for this industry-wide recognition.”

“While mine is the name printed on the list, it wouldn’t be there without the amazing people in AppGuard. If not for them, people wouldn’t be seeing AppGuard block malware that makes headlines again and again for eluding many different endpoint protection tools”, said Kristen McFadden Gandhi, Chief Product Officer. 

AppGuard is not another detection tool. Instead, it works by placing virtual concrete barriers within your laptops, desktops and servers so malware cannot perform the activities needed for it to succeed. After adding AppGuard to endpoints with any detection-based anti-malware software, it will either block attacks that cannot be detected yet or block attacks before detection systems respond to them. Ultimately, one gets better cybersecurity for less effort.


About AppGuard, Inc.

AppGuard is a cyber security company on a mission to set a new standard: true cyber protection for all. AppGuard’s patented technology prevents compromises before they happen by disrupting malware activity from causing harm, without having to detect malware or its effects. Unlike detection-based endpoint security solutions, AppGuard outsmarts malicious actors to ensure businesses can do what they need to do, and malware can’t do what it wants to.

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Blue Planet-works, Co., Ltd. is a global cyber security company that provides cyber security from Japan that provides cyber security products and services based on the innovative “AppGuard®” technology platform.