Blue Planet-works Announced the 3rd Round Capital Raise of 2.3 Billion JPY to Accelerate Business Development

Blue Planet-works, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hiroshi Nakata, hereinafter referred to as “BPw”) announced today that the company completed the third round of capital increase of 2.3B JPY by August 2019 following the first and second rounds of done in 2017 11B JPY), total of 13.3B JPY.

BPw is a global cybersecurity company from Japan that provides cybersecurity products and services based on the innovative AppGuard® technology platform. With “Safety for the Connected World” as its vision, we provide the “TRUST” platform that will be essential in the connected world.

This investment was made from JJP Investment Limited Partnership in January 2019, and from July to August 2019 from DRS Company Limited (hereinafter “DRS”), Taiyo Oil Company, Limited, UCHIDA YOKO CO., LTD., MORI TRUST CO., LTD.

DRS has published a press release today:

‘BPw’s main product, “AppGuard”, is based on the concept of “immune system” rather than “detect delivery” of viruses, and uses patented technology to protect the system from unknown and zero-day attacks which conventional endpoint security cannot detect.  AppGuard has a track record of being never breached in US government agencies that have used AppGuard for over 20 years.  In addition, compared to conventional whitelist type security software, it has the features of ” ultra-lightweight” and “much less operation workload”.’

‘DRS has set its management vision of “providing the optimal environment for connecting people and IT”.  In addition to rental and leasing of hardware and software services, we have provided “Lifecycle Management Service” that supports everything from installation to recycling.  Taking advantage of this capital and business alliance with BPw, we will add a cyber security solution centered on “AppGuard” to the product lineup and contribute to the realization of safer and comfortable IT environments for customers than ever before.’

SMARTVALUE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smart Value”) who invested thru JJP Investment Limited Partnership in January, 2019 has also published a press release in August 2019.

‘As the first step of collaboration, we will provide “TRUSTICA®” to Kuruma Base, a platform for business operators of “services for cars” that Smart Value plans to start in 2019. The smartphone application that allows users to make reservations, unlocks, locks, and settles mobility is equipped with the “TRUSTICA®” application falsification prevention function, minimizing the risk of unauthorized use of the vehicle and preventing leakage of personal information I will continue to connect. In the future, we plan to introduce “TRUSTICA®” to the “Kurumatsunagu Platform” (Connected-Car Platform), an IoT platform for mobility developed by Smart Value.’

Utilizing the funds procured recently, we will aggressively invest in accelerating the recruitment of our engineers and expand our business at a faster rate than ever before.

BPw and its group will work together to promote further development of our business.