Prianto Enhances Cyber Security Portfolio with AppGuard’s Patented Malware Disruption Technology for Endpoints

ROTTERDAM, NetherlandsApril 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Prianto, a pure play value-added software distributor of IT products and services, today announced a distribution agreement with AppGuard, a global endpoint security provider that protects organizations from cyberattacks by disrupting malware from causing harm.

Under the agreement, Prianto will distribute AppGuard’s patented malware disruption technology to the Benelux region, further expanding its commitment to enable its resellers and their customers to better defend against cyberattacks, including zero-day and supply chain attacks.

“Today’s largely-distributed enterprises need to make sure they are putting endpoint security first in 2021,” said Rashied Akrum, Managing Director-CEO at Prianto Benelux. “Prianto Benelux has been working with the most innovative security vendors to bring the best solutions to market. After intense market research, we found AppGuard’s disruptive technology offers a unique approach that provides greater endpoint security than any traditional solution on the market. Adding AppGuard’s effective pre-compromise security to our cyber portfolio will enable partners and their customers to protect against even the most advanced cyberattacks.”

AppGuard’s endpoint security technology, developed in close collaboration with the U.S. Intelligence Agency, leverages patented pre-launch, containment, and isolation techniques to dynamically control the behavior of applications and utilities to disrupt ransomware, malware, and advanced cyberattacks.

“Expanding and scaling our partner landscape is a top priority,” said Chuck Sackley, Executive Vice President, Global Markets and Business Development, AppGuard. “We look forward to leveraging Prianto’s extensive knowledge, experience, and reach within the distribution and IT security markets in the region. We are excited about the opportunity to provide Prianto and its channels partners the ability to provide their customers the defense they need to ensure their endpoints will not be compromised.”

About Prianto
Prianto BV is the ‘personalized knowledge’ Value Add distributor with a focus on creating an optimal IT user experience with the trinity of data, applications and presentation interface. These include essential competencies such as management, optimization, security and accessibility. Our objective is to deliver vision, innovation, knowledge, services and products to the IT channel in the Benelux in a future-oriented and personalized way. Core values such as no ’13-in-a-dozen’ products, high quality, market conformity, matching business situations and objectives of both partners and their customers are our guiding principles.

About AppGuard
AppGuard, a global leader in endpoint protection, prevents security breaches by blocking malware at endpoints in real-time. Without the limitations and post-compromise costs of detection-based tools, AppGuard’s award-winning and patented technology outsmarts malicious actors by disrupting known and unknown, fileless, supply chain and Zero-day exploits.

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Sarah Wolf
Marketing & Public Relations