5 Critical Areas All CISOs Should Focus on at Year End

AppGuard is facilitating a virtual panel discussion of CISOs on October 3rd to help them help each other better prepare for 2019. Attendees can expect to gain useful insights from peers and join the conversation. Five topics loosely tied to mitigating malware threats will be explored.

1. Evaluate current tools to determine what is and what isn't working.

2. Determine tools where there is overlap for potential time and cost savings.

3. What new threats have developed that have not been planned for.

4. What additional hiring requirements or cuts can and/or should be made.

5. Review 2018 budget usage and potential changes for 2019.

Panel Discussion - Wednesday, October 3rd 1:00pm to 2:00pm EST

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Talk with your Peers; Make your 2019 Plans even Better

●      Hear something new/useful

●      Get answers to lingering questions

●      Share your lessons learned


More on the Topics: Malware Threats Broadly Influence an Enterprise Cyber Program

Not all layers and teams focus on blocking malware attacks. Many more prepare for and deal with the consequences. Of the many related tools used by your peers, what have they learned about each tool, and similarly, what is working and not working with regard to their cyber program’s tools as a whole?

Different tools and combinations can greatly impact operations and personnel requirements. Potentially, one can do more with less. Ultimately, mitigating risks is a people problem. An improvement or decline in one node of a cyber program can greatly impact the workloads or skills requirements of others. Let’s face it, optimizing a program depends to some degree on experimental trial and error. Fortunately, this breed breakthroughs.

While relatively new threats are ranked and scored by various analysts, you and your fellow CISO’s must weigh them not only for risk but also for the burden they may pose on their cyber programs. Too many analysts accentuate the exotic over fundamental blocking and tackling concerns. Your fellow CISO’s cannot afford to do so.

Your challenges for 2019 are massive and no one has a budget large enough to mitigate all possible risks. This web dialog exists to help generate better answers and more effective allocations of your 2019 budget.

Note, too large a group can hinder discussion. We will convene other web dialogs accordingly. Attendees of any one will have access to the highlights, notes, and recordings of the others.

Panel Discussion - Wednesday, October 3rd 1:00pm to 2:00pm EST

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