Calculate How Much You Can Save by Using AppGuard

Cybersecurity costs keep going up as threats proliferate and companies spend more on endpoint detection and response (EDR) and security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. CISOs add new solutions in response to emerging threats, creating complex, layered defenses. But despite a huge investment of time and money, breaches keep happening. Last month, a threat research company reported that three huge antivirus firms were themselves hacked. If that doesn’t illustrate the scale of the threat and the futility of current solutions, nothing does.

How AppGuard Can Help?

AppGuard works in a completely different way since our approach is based on prevention. With patented technology that shuts down malware at the kernel level, AppGuard not only stops malicious code before it has a chance to cause harm, but it also takes the pressure off patch management and eliminates alerts that would otherwise have IT/Sec-Ops teams scrambling to respond. And that saves money while enabling CISOs to redirect scarce staff resources to more strategic tasks.

So, How Much Can You Save by Using AppGuard?

The exact amount depends on your company’s size, your current cybersecurity solution stack, and other factors. But there is a fairly simple way to get an estimate of your potential savings. For most CISOs, the largest portion of the cybersecurity budget goes to labor. Layered defenses are linked with endpoint protection failures. The more alerts there are to track down and incidents to manage, the higher your labor costs.

So, to get an estimate of how much AppGuard can help you save, take a look at your costs for workdays vs. non-workdays. According to Rapid7, 1,500 enterprises surveyed reported that incidents on non-workdays were 50% lower than on workdays. So, if you want to find out how much AppGuard can save, calculate the volume of alerts and incidents you experience on workdays vs. non-workdays, and the difference will indicate the potential savings, which could be half or even more. The analysis can also indicate which processes and solutions drive up costs.

The True Cost of Cybersecurity

In a recently published whitepaper, AppGuard examines the factors that have led to spiraling cybersecurity costs in more detail. It analyzes the role EDR and SIEM solutions have played in driving up costs and discusses why continuing down that path or putting faith in emerging AI and machine learning solutions to manage incidents won’t work either. The paper also examines expenses associated with both cybersecurity solutions and labor.

In addition to a more detailed breakdown of costs, the whitepaper discusses the real cost of cybersecurity on both a monetary and opportunity basis. And after examining the current state of cybersecurity, the paper outlines how a proactive approach to endpoint protection can enable CISOs to finally get a handle on cybersecurity expenses. Download a complimentary copy of “The True Cost of Cybersecurity” here and find out how you can start reducing expenses with a proactive strategy that is focused on prevention.


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