China Hack – Upcoming Expert Virtual Panel Discussion

Reports of covertly adding chips to motherboards for industrial espionage require CISO’s to ask their peers and teams ‘what are the Chinese actually doing to steal data from organizations like ours’ and ‘what should we be doing to counter their efforts’? Enterprises targeted by China can get the answers and insights they seek from the panel Carahsoft and AppGuard have assembled. Hosted by Mike Lyons of CBS News, it features experts from the intelligence community, cybersecurity policy, and cybersecurity technology.

  • Former Congressman Mike Rogers, Michigan 8th congressional district, Republican Party, Former Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
  • Mark Kelton, Former CIA, Deputy Director of National Clandestine Service and Counter Intelligence
  • Robert (Bob) Bigman, Former CIA, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Fatih Comlekoglu, PhD, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Research & Development, AppGuard
  • Moderator - Mike Lyon, CBS Analyst

What tactics and techniques by the Chinese should an enterprise prioritize above others? The panel will discuss the nature and impact of each and help listeners weigh the possible versus the probable. Panelists will characterize the different attack tactics that should concern enterprises most, and least. They will comment on how these tactics ought to impact short-term and long-term risk-based planning.

Expect discussions on what data and information the Chinese seek and why, as well as insights into the resources they have mobilized. The panelists will strive to give listeners insights that aid them with their risk management efforts.

What steps should the enterprise be taking now and in the future? Panelists will advise attendees on different preparations and mitigations they should consider and discard for the different Chinese tactics. Throughout the hour, the panelists will look at what the Chinese are doing, how they are doing it, and what technology and/or processes can be employed to counter them.

This cyber war affects commerce. The panel will also venture into what the role of the government should and shouldn’t be as well as what agencies might play particular parts. Learn what private and public organizations can provide enterprises useful information. Is there legislation coming in the next year or more that may require enterprise course-corrections? Are there technology developments that will alter the battlefield? How do the tactics and objectives of other nation-states contrast with China; should an organization plan for them collectively or individually?

Attendees need not worry about taking notes fast enough to keep up with the panel. A recording and curated notes will posted later.


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