Cyber and Physical Security Come Together for First Time with Partnership between AppGuard and UFC Fighter and Green Beret Tim Kennedy’s Sheepdog Response

Through Partnership, Sheepdog will Offer its Physical Security Customers with Access to AppGuard Autonomous Endpoint Security, and AppGuard will provide its Customers with Access to Sheepdog’s Training

NEW YORK, N.Y. –Dec. 19, 2017  -  AppGuard, a global leader in endpoint and IoT security, today announced a partnership with Sheepdog Response, a military and counter terrorism training organization, founded and operated by Tim Kennedy, widely known as the most dangerous man in the world.  As modern enemy’s capabilities become more advanced and frequent, organizations and individuals are more at risk than ever. AppGuard’s autonomous endpoint security will provide Sheepdog clients with protection against attacks and attack vectors that traditional anti-virus software is not equipped to face.

The partnership itself allows for Sheepdog clients to have access to cybersecurity technology that will protect them from all known and unknown cyber threats. “When I was introduced to Sheepdog Response I immediately recognized that the core missions of both of our organizations were the same - protecting our clients from those who wish to do them harm.  ” said Jon Loew, CEO of AppGuard.

AppGuard’s autonomous endpoint security ensures major corporations and organizations are protected from all known and unknown cyber threats. Sheepdog Response physically trains their clients from major private and public enterprises, including military and law enforcement professionals to be prepared to respond to threats like mass shootings, terrorist attacks, violent mugging or home invasions. Tim Kennedy, Co-Founder and Head Instructor brings his background as a Special Forces Sniper, black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Modern Army Combatives, and top rankings in UFC, to the table in training individuals, major corporations, military and law enforcement professionals around the world.

“Cybersecurity is critical to ensuring personal security.  The ability of the enemy to compromise digital assets allows them to effectively hunt individuals and penetrate companies, military operations, and governments.  We’re excited to introduce AppGuard to our customers as the most effective solution we’ve seen in the cybersecurity space,” said Tim Kennedy, co-founder and lead trainer for Sheepdog Response.


About AppGuard
Chantilly, Va.-based AppGuard, LLC is a subsidiary of Blue Planet-works, Inc., a Japan-based Global Cyber Security Company.  AppGuard is autonomous endpoint security. AppGuard’s award-winning patented technology prevents all endpoint threats, both known and unknown and has never been breached. It can scale to hundreds of thousands of endpoints and provides a central management architecture that is simple, elegant, and cloud efficient. AppGuard is compatible with all Windows versions from XP to 10, standard and custom applications, typical system maintenance tools, and supports Windows Server 2008 R2 and above. For more information, visit:



About Sheepdog Response

Sheepdog Response utilizes the unique backgrounds and experiences of our instructors to provide some of the best training on the planet. They cover firearms, hand-to-hand, weapons defense and retention, situational awareness, and other security concerns.  A FULL package designed to teach clients how to carry weapons effectively for the defense of themselves and others, and train their bodies to be weapons as well.  Programs are tailored to civilians, military, and police, to prepare them to defend against terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and smaller scale violence.

All Sheepdog Response instructors have fought for their lives for real, and have valuable insight into what it takes to survive and win at all costs. Classes are not designed to give you a false sense of security. This is learning how to kill and not be killed, which takes hard work and does not come easily. This is not a self-defense course. This is a fangs out dynamic shift about who lives and who dies. For more information, visit:


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