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Posted on Aug 29, 2018

About a year ago I took on the role of CEO of one of the hottest emerging cybersecurity companies in the world. We were already embedded in critical infrastructure, large enterprises and organizations around the globe. About 2 minutes after my 79 year old mom told me how proud she was, she said “What about […]

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Posted on Dec 21, 2017

Through Partnership, Sheepdog will Offer its Physical Security Customers with Access to AppGuard Autonomous Endpoint Security, and AppGuard will provide its Customers with Access to Sheepdog’s Training NEW YORK, N.Y. –Dec. 19, 2017  –  AppGuard, a global leader in endpoint and IoT security, today announced a partnership with Sheepdog Response, a military and counter terrorism training […]

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Posted on Nov 1, 2017

Ransomware is the Clear and Present Danger Now Probabilities, preparedness, and potential impact mean that Ransomware reigns supreme amongst healthcare provider threats. If you can’t treat patients because you don’t have access to medical equipment, records, billing processes, scheduling, or vital 3rd party services, the impact is immediate, pervasive, urgent, and even life threatening, far […]

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