Blue Planet-Works INC. and Smartvalue Co., Ltd. Partner to Build a Stronger Security Infrastructure with Trustica

Blue Planet-works, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hiroshi Nakata, hereinafter referred to as “BPw”) will provide “TRUSTICA®”to various platforms handled by SMARTVALUE Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, President: Jun Shibuya, hereinafter referred to as “Smart Value”) in order to further strengthen the IoT security.

Smart Value is expanding its business to various service fields in the mobility IoT service, such as “CiEMS 3G”, an operation management system for corporations, and telematics insurance and sharing services for connected car-related solutions. Due to this, securing IoT devices has been a big concern and recognized as an important issue.

To build a stronger security foundation, Smart Value is interested in BPw’s innovative security technology and decided to invest 100M JPY to BPw and its technology in January 2019.

“As the first step of collaboration, we will provide “TRUSTICA®” to Kuruma Base, a platform for business operators of “services for cars” that Smart Value plans to start in 2019. The smartphone application that allows users to make reservations unlocks/locks vehicles, and make payments is equipped with the “TRUSTICA®” falsification prevention application, minimizing the risk of unauthorized use of the vehicle and preventing leakage of personal information. In the future, we plan to introduce “TRUSTICA®” to the “Kurumatsunagu Platform” (Connected-Car Platform), an IoT platform for mobility developed by Smart Value,” says Hiroshi Nakata, Global CEO BPw.

BPw will strive to promote the use of TRUSTICA®, which provides the safety that is considered essential for a connected world.

About Smart Value Co., Ltd.

Smart Value is expanding its business domain in line with social changes.

Focusing on digital solutions, social system creation, and cloud solutions business for mobility services, with the mission of “Creating social systems that will remain in history with smart technology!”, They are working on creating social systems in the digital society era. The

In addition, they operate six Docomo shops in Osaka Prefecture.

About AppGuard Blue Planet-works, Inc.

BPw is a global cybersecurity company from Japan that provides cybersecurity products and services based on the innovative AppGuard® technology platform. AppGuard provides award-winning server, endpoint and mobile cybersecurity protection for enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses. AppGuard’s patented inheritance technology maintains the same level of guarding and isolation on any process spawned from a risky application. The technology does not rely on detection and response and instead prevents all attacks


“TRUSTICA®” is developed by BPw to provide “safety” for the maintenance and development of a safe society in the “connected world” where everything is connected in a 5G society.

In a world of zero trust where there is nothing you can trust, traditional methods of defense around things and boundaries break down. “TRUSTICA®” is a “conversion of ideas” that instantly trusts the data generated by people and things that can be trusted and shares them only with trusted parties — integrated attestation technology that constantly verifies humans and things, digital ID generation technology that combines users and devices, information protection technology that makes data instantly reliable, and personal information and anonymous ID technology that is not required to realize a security platform.