Evanston Technology Partners & AppGuard Inc. Launch Zero Trust Cybersecurity to Harden and Protect Hospitals’ Data and Servers

Partnership dedicated to meeting the rise in Cyber Attacks and to Manage & Protect Ventilators & Other Critical Medical Devices in the Age of COVID-19

CHICAGO– Evanston Technology Partners and AppGuard Inc., have now committed to partner together to further address new challenges facing hospitals, providing asset management and cybersecurity protection, through Evanston Technology Partners’ (ETP) newly formed joint Healthcare Asset Operations Center (HAOC). The HAOC provides healthcare delivery organizations a way to continuously manage, optimize, and secure critical medical devices and infrastructure, including ventilators and supporting healthcare assets such as IoT, operational technology (OT) and network connected devices.

“Hospitals and Healthcare providers are facing a rapid rise in Cyber Attacks and efforts to compromise work-stations and servers which support many of the new medical devices, ventilators, and the like that they are adding to their networks. We are committed to providing the most effective, cutting edge cybersecurity capability available within the market today”  said Emmanuel Jackson, Founder & CEO, Evanston Technology Partners (ETP), a certified, Minority Business Enterprise.

“The AppGuard technology will allow us to provide healthcare organizations a significant increase in their cybersecurity posture as we are layering in a true zero-trust level of protection. Rather than traditional detect and respond cybersecurity, we will be hardening our client’s assets from attack, and providing prevention before detection. We believe this will deliver an unprecedented level of protection, thereby allowing health organizations to focus on their primary mission of serving their communities and addressing this global COVID-19 pandemic.”

“The WHO specifically, and Healthcare delivery organizations globally are seeing a rapid rise in cyberattacks. In many cases they are ransomware attacks that are encrypting server data and locking up healthcare operations. As Healthcare operations are stretched to their limits around the world, they need to feel confident that their IT, IOT and network data are fully secure and protected.” As Chuck Sackley, Executive Vice President of Global Market and Business Development AppGuard Inc. stated.

“Healthcare organizations can ill afford any distractions from their primary, and urgent focus of today. As they work globally to address this pandemic, they need to have a rock solid foundation to store and share vital patient and research information as they strive to get ahead of this COVID-19 pandemic, and prepare for the next.” Sackley added.

ETP’s Healthcare Asset Operations Center (HAOC), powered by Cylera, and now AppGuard, will provide a comprehensive overview of the availability and security of network-connected healthcare assets and medical equipment, following the guidelines of the CDC’s Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Capabilities. The HAOC will help healthcare providers effectively manage and maintain these critical medical devices and resources to prepare and respond to medical surge events, such as the ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic.

The HAOC solution is designed to safely and remotely provide hospitals real-time operational intelligence, inventory monitoring, and cybersecurity of critical medical devices and equipment which are of vital need during a public health emergency. These medical devices include ventilators, infusion pumps, imaging devices and laboratory equipment. The HAOC enables bidirectional situational awareness between public health agencies and healthcare providers to help identify and eliminate inefficiencies around unused or underutilized assets. Thus, allowing comprehensive management across distributed locations to securely facilitate effective preparedness and response while minimizing roadblocks to patient treatment.

The HAOC solution is available now.
Evanston Technology Partners has developed financing models with our partners to offer financing and delayed payments of 3 to 12 months.


Evanston Technology Partners (ETP) is a cybersecurity services company. ETP provides managed security services, remote monitoring, security consulting and data science services. ETP is a contracted Vizient supplier to supply IT security products and services to its members. ETP built and operates a 27 seat, 24/7 SOC in Chicago’s Bronzeville community. Evanston Technology Partners is a certified African-American Minority Business Enterprise. Learn more: https://evanstontec.com/ or contact ETP at info@evanstontec.com


AppGuard, a Blue Planet-works company, provides award-winning server and endpoint cybersecurity protection for enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses. AppGuard’s patented inheritance technology maintains the same level of guarding and isolation on any process spawned from a risky application. The technology does not rely on detection and response and instead prevents. Learn more: https://appguard.us/ or contact press@appguard.us