Ingram Micro Italia Expands Cyber Security Portfolio with the Distribution of AppGuard’s Malware Disruption Technology

Ingram Micro Italia Expands Cyber Security Portfolio with the Distribution of AppGuard’s Malware Disruption Technology

Milan – June 29, 2021 – Ingram Micro Italia, the Italian high value added distributor and global leader in technology and supply chain services, has signed an agreement with AppGuard (, a global endpoint security provider that protects organizations from cyberattacks by disrupting malware from causing harm. AppGuard’s patented endpoint and server security solution revolutionizes the way to obtain security for companies of any size.

AppGuard’s patented and award-winning technology prevents laptop, desktop and server breaches by blocking applications from executing inappropriate processes, without disrupting normal actions. Using its patented dynamic isolation and inheritance technology, AppGuard applies zero trust within endpoints to provide the most advanced protection and reduce the costs of IT security operations.

Specifically, the deployment of the AppGuard’ s policy controls prevent viruses, botnets, polymorphic malware, targeted attacks, memory attacks, weaponized documents, in-memory attacks, ransomware, supply chain, zero-day, phishing, watering-hole, drive-by-download and other advanced threats. AppGuard automatically and dynamically stops an attack in the early stages and beyond without interrupting the user experience or degrading system performance.

The AppGuard agent is lightweight and places low-demands on system processes, blocking unacceptable actions such as code injection or registry override at the process level.

AppGuard is compatible with all versions of Windows XP to 10, standard, custom applications, and typical system maintenance tools, and supports Windows Server 2008 R2 and later.

“Organizations around the world are seeing a rapid increase in cyberattacks. In many cases these are ransomware attacks that encrypt server data and block internal operations. As attacks become increasingly aggressive, companies need to feel confident that their IT, IOT and network data are completely safe and secure,” says Maitland Muse, AppGuard’s Executive Vice President of Global Channels and Strategic Alliances. “With AppGuard organizations gain that confidence.”

Ingram Micro Italia will immediately work to develop the Italian channel for AppGuard by organizing a series of virtual meetings, online training and, when possible, seminars in its Settala (Milan) and Bologna offices to provide the channel with all the necessary expertise, supporting them in the enablement process and providing technical support from pre-sale, post-sale and commercial through the Cybersecurity Business Unit.

The Advanced Solutions Division, dedicated to Cybersecurity, identifies and creates new business opportunities in the Added Value market, offering solutions and in-depth technical knowledge and certification of the world’s leading technology producers.

The main operators of the Added Value market find qualified support in a structure consisting of a group of people trained in different solutions (technical, pre-sales, dedicated accounts and sales specialists) and able to support System Integrators and VARs in the technical study and definition of the commercial offer.

About AppGuard

AppGuard, a Blue Planet-Works company and a global leader in endpoint protection, prevents security breaches by blocking malware at endpoints in real-time. Without the limitations and post-compromise costs of detection-based tools, AppGuard’s award-winning and patented technology outsmarts malicious actors by disrupting known and unknown, fileless, and zero-day exploits.