Strategic Business Partnership between Blue Planet-works and SECUI(Samsung Group Company) announced

Collaboration of TRUSTICA Mobile and Galaxy Smartphones

Blue Planet-works (“BPw”) and SECUI Corporation (“SECUI”) have concluded a strategic business partnership to develop and provide TRUSTICA Mobile-Galaxy, a smartphone with security features for voice communication and data exchange. This follows the initial strategic relationship established in January 2019 with SECUI, a subsidiary of Samsung Group and a core company for Samsung’s cybersecurity initiatives.  The initial strategic partnership was an exclusive sales arrangement in the Republic of Korea for AppGuard, an innovative endpoint security solution developed by BPw.

BPw owns the intellectual property underlying the safety platform “TRUSTICA,” which assures the reliability and safety of social infrastructure in the Connected World.  TRUSTICA Mobile is a smartphone application, based on the “TRUSTICA” Safety Platform technologies and put into practical use by Blue Planet-works.  With this strategic business partnership, it was agreed that BPw will provide SECUI with an advanced secure communication application “TRUSTICA Mobile”.  SECUI will supply Galaxy Smartphones pre-bundled with TRUSTICA Mobile and will implement and operate a Secure VOIP Network.

TRUSTICA Mobile-Galaxy is a smartphone with pre-installed TRUSTICA Mobile, a security software that will protect users from the interception of encrypted communication of voice, files, or video exchange, and third-person interception of secure data.

TRUSTICA Mobile is integrated with KNOX Application Control Feature, a built-in security chip on Galaxy, so TRUSTICA Mobile-Galaxy will achieve a secure communication eco-system using both hardware and software.

The final objective of this strategic partnership is to expand this secure communication globally by collaborating TRUSTICA Technology from BPw and Security technology and expertise from SECUI. The partners will keep working on technical verification for this business and discussing additional business development and management methods. The partners are targeting not only Japan, the Republic of Korea and the USA, but also planning to expand to Southeast Asia, other Asian countries and Europe as well.  By integrating all elements including hardware, software, network, and security, this secure service can be used globally.

In addition, BPw and SECUI have already begun discussing not only secure phone services with the TRUSTICA Mobile-Galaxy eco-system, but also further business opportunities such as cashless settlement systems, sharing economy service (e.g. Mobility as a Service), smart office, and other related services and device businesses using “TRUST ID” of TRUSTICA.

“Anyone serious about securing their conversations and protecting their people and data should be using TRUSTICA Mobile. The plethora of ‘secure’ apps out there don’t measure up in terms of security, usability, and privacy – the rarest of commodities these days.”– John Mullen, Former Assistant Director at CIA and senior executive at FBI

“Ensuring secure communications using mobile devices is a daunting challenge as we enter the 5G world. TRUSTICA answers that challenge.”– Mark Kelton, former Deputy Director for Counter Intelligence, CIA

“We believe this will become a required device for any service used in a Connected World by 5G / IoT as well as for secure communication.”– Hiroshi Nakata, CEO of BPw

“I am looking forward to having a business partnership that combines the highest level of technology and device, and I am certain that a lot of customers need this solution.”– Mr. HWAN JIN CHIOI, CEO of SECUI

About Blue Planet-works, Inc.

HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo   CEO: Nakata, Hiroshi

Blue Planet-works, Inc. is a global cybersecurity company founded in Japan, to provide cybersecurity products and services based on an innovative solution “AppGuard®” Technology Platform.  It provides “TRUSTED” infrastructure required for the connected world of the near future, whose vision is “Safety for the Connected World.”  In the IoT / 5G world, all “things” will be connected, and a solution to protect trusted relationships and individual privacy information is required.  Blue Planet-works also provides a new security OS platform for the connected world called “TRUSTICA®” which ensures safety and security in the connected world.

About SECUI Corporation

HQ: Seoul, the Republic of Korea      CEO:HWAN JIN CHIOI

A core company of Cyber Security business for the Samsung Group, SECUI provides a large number of security products and has a huge number of sales success stories in Asia.



TRUSTICA Mobile is a mobile application, developed based on TRUSTICA Security Platform and put to practical use by Blue Planet-works. It provides users with advanced secure call and messaging capabilities, and attestation capability (attest devices not hijacked, applications not intruded, sensors not in unauthorized use, etc.). The attestation of TRUSTICA Mobile is executed continuously (*1) while users are communicating securely. This feature also proves that the ones someone is communicating with TRUSTICA Mobile; they are using devices in a secure and trusted status. TRUSTICA Mobile forms TRUST Circle to establish secure communication. Even if data is captured by somebody else, no one outside of TRUST Circle can read it because of Advanced Encryption Technology. Additionally, TRUST ID used by TRUSTICA Mobile can be used as a key for the Sharing Economy (Digital Key).

TRUSTICA Mobile provides Enterprise Users with a management console called TRUSTICA Management System and allows them to easily manage and operate TRUST Circle to share information in a secure method.


TRUSTICA is a security platform developed to ensure the “Security & Safety” for a healthy society in the “Connected World” where all people and things are connected by using fifth-generation cellular network technology (5G) in near future.

This solution is designed for safety of IoT devices, connected cars, and other applications that have a limited amount of available resources compared to laptop computers.

TRUSTICA is a required technology for “Safety” in a ZERO TRUST environment. This technology includes capability of Digital ID creation binding users and devices (TRUST ID), Data Confidentiality and Integrity for secure and reliable communication without relying on Network (Data Protection), Continuous Device Attestation for secure communication (Attestation), Authentication Mechanism without requiring any privacy information (Anonymous ID)(*1), and even more.

(*1) Developed initially by Blue Planet-works, patent pending