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AppGuard Solo Protects Your Computer & Family

In an environment rife with sophisticated hackers, you need a modern cyber security approach that is both effective AND lightweight.

AppGuard Solo:

  • Blocks what AV, EDR, and other detection tools cannot recognize
  • Kernel-enforced controls stop malware attacks without having to recognize the malware itself
  • No signature file or AI engine update is needed
  • Fully protects even when not connected to the internet
  • Less than one-fifth the CPU/Memory/Disk of Windows Defender
  • Compatible with all recent generations and versions of Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows 11)

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Conventional “detect and respond” approaches available are not enough in today’s cyber world.

AppGuard Solo delivers a multi-layered defense, protecting the endpoint at multiple points, including: launch control, run-time application control, and memory protection, to prevent one application from reading or writing to the memory of another. AppGuard Solo protects your computer against certain applications with the greatest risk of malware, such as Microsoft and Adobe products. AppGuard Solo stops the cyberattacks that traditional security products often miss, even zero-day and file-less malware. AppGuard Solo prevents suspicious applications from running and stops even allowed applications (such as your browser) from performing high-risk activities that might result in an infected computer.

“AppGuard has proven to be an indispensable protection measure for our customer’s ATM fleets. We feel confident in AppGuard’s ability to protect our customer’s ATMs from harmful malware like SUCEFUL, before it has even hit the U.S. market.”

Jon Erpelding
President of NuSource Financial

Technical Specifications

AppGuard is compatible with all recent generations and versions of Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows 11) on various hardware platforms (desktops, laptops, tablets, Surface Pro, embedded systems, ATM’s, Point-of-Sale devices, etc.) with no processor dependency and minimal system resource requirements.

It protects popular applications (Microsoft Office, Office 365, PDF readers, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) platforms, and can be tailored to operate with specific applications as required.


  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Home/Pro/Ent/Ult 32/64bit
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Pro/Ent 32/64bit
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro/Ent 32/64bit
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home/Pro/Ent 32/64bit
  • Microsoft Windows 11 Home/Pro/Ent 64bit



  • 1.80 GHz 1.00 GB of RAM (32 bit), 2.00 GB of RAM (64 bit)
  • x86-x64 CPU (2 or more cores)
  • 100 MB Hard Disk free space