Add AppGuard to Your Portfolio to Help Clients Achieve Safety in a Connected World

By Maitland Muse, Vice President of Channels & Strategic Alliances

There’s a saying in politics: never let a crisis go to waste. It’s true in business too, and the current cybersecurity crisis presents an opportunity for every company that provides connected services. High-profile data breaches are affecting businesses across all industries, including automakers, hospitality brands, social media companies and financial services providers.

Hundreds of millions of records containing sensitive data have been exposed, and businesses of all types are looking for cybersecurity answers. The status quo isn’t working, as the relentless pace of data breaches attests. That’s where the opportunity comes — companies that partner with AppGuard can offer customers safety in a connected world while adding a new revenue stream.

This is why I’m so excited to work with companies across the spectrum to build partnerships with AppGuard. AppGuard offers the truly effective endpoint cybersecurity protection organizations are looking for today, and as Vice President of Channels & Strategic Alliances, it’s my job to create partnerships that are beneficial for partners and their customers.

The challenge is cutting through the noise. Every cybersecurity company talks about how great their products are — that’s how marketing works. But business leaders have noticed that for all the talk about how effective today’s malware detection and response software is, hackers keep finding new ways to breach the data repositories companies spend so much time and effort to protect.

AppGuard is different because our patented technology guards and isolates processes that start from an application, no matter how trustworthy they look. That’s a radically different approach than “detect and respond” cybersecurity strategies. It doesn’t rely on alerting IT or security operations teams so they can check out suspicious activities. AppGuard stops the processes before they can cause harm.

Since we don’t operate in a “detect and respond” model, AppGuard doesn’t require extensive whitelisting, updates or connection to a central server. That means human error and overworked IT/security operations teams don’t contribute to risks for AppGuard users. AppGuard delivers complete endpoint protection on a zero-trust basis.

And that’s where partnerships come in. We’re committed to developing our partner channel because it increases our global reach — securing user endpoints and keeping data safe — while giving partners a significant advantage over their competitors. We’re the only solution that prevents breaches from both known and unknown cyber threats, and in our nine-year history, users have never reported a breach.

AppGuard has endpoint security locked down with products designed for a range of use cases, including:

  • AppGuard Enterprise, a centrally managed, host-based endpoint protection solution that prevents malware and all advanced attacks from harming the system.
  • AppGuard Server, a zero-trust, host-based endpoint protection agent for Windows and Linux servers, centrally managed from the same system as agents for laptops and desktops.
  • AppGuard Solo, a self-managed, zero-trust, host-based endpoint protection agent for laptops and desktops that is ideal for small businesses and non-technical users.
  • AppGuard TRUSTICA Mobile & IoT, a centrally managed, host-based solution for making employee mobile devices safe to use for the enterprise without intrusive co-administration.

We’re moving toward a 5G, Internet of Things-driven, always-connected world, but cybersecurity solutions haven’t kept up with the scale of the risk. That’s what makes this moment such a unique opportunity: AppGuard’s groundbreaking solution can provide added value for our partner’s customers while serving as a new source of partner revenue.

So, if your company connects people and/or devices, and you’re looking for an edge over competitors, take a look at AppGuard’s partner channel program. With AppGuard, you can prevent breaches from occurring while focusing on your core strengths. There’s a cybersecurity crisis — let’s not waste it. Work with AppGuard to create a safer connected world.


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