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We know everyone is facing difficult times right now with COVID-19 causing major interruptions in work and personal lives. AppGuard wants to be part of the solution for your remote workforces and organizations to stay protected.

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However, sometimes the answer to this question cannot be so clear-cut. Much depends on how valuable the information being held for ransom is for the organization and on how much downtime an organization can afford.

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Cyber awareness training and robust technology should be the foundation of security architecture.  

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Enterprise Server Trustica

Posted on Dec 2, 2019

Emotet is an advanced Trojan malware that first appeared in 2014.The malware mostly spreads by spam and phishing emails via infected attachments and embedded malicious URLs. Everyone is susceptible to Emotet, from individuals to major enterprises and organizations around the world.   According to an alert from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the advanced […]

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With cybersecurity risks on the rise, it’s understandable that companies are spending more on cybersecurity solutions. The problem is, more isn’t necessarily better.

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